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"Jun Seok Park, The Prospect for ISP’s Liability in UGC-Related Cases in Korea
"Sang Jo Jong, Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data in the Republic of Korea
"Sang Jo Jong, The Principles and Structure of Patent Litigation
"Sang Jo Jong, The Economic Contribution of the Copyright-based Industries in Korea
"Sang Jo Jong, Property versus Misappropriation: Legal Protection for Databases in Korea
The 10th Science & Technology Law Forum
Topic : the present condition and law policy on locations-based services
Date :November 11, 2015
Meeting Room1
Venue:The Korea Science and Technology Center
Design Protection Act Commentary Intellectual Property,
Third Edition
Edited by Prof. Sang Jo Jong Publisher: Parkyoungsa(2015) Edited by Prof. Sang Jo Jong Publisher: Hongmoonsa (2013)